America needs an American President not an American’t President.



When I see what is left of the 2016 Presidential field, I think to myself I am tired of the several American’ts that are running. American’ts are the people that tell us that we have to accept the status quo. There was a time in history when that was the case, we were forced to accept the status quo. However, this is not that time. Things are different now.

Something to be proud of.

The way things are now is about doing the work of creating a culture we can be proud of; doing the work it takes to make that happen. What is frustrating is the many Americans that seem stuck in a sticky time warp of ideas. They will not budge. They absolutely and unequivocally refuse to evolve. This is not the type of people to lead us all to a peaceful and prosperous future. Good leaders have earned leadership. Good leaders earn respect. Good leaders understand the concept of the consent of the governed. Good leaders understand the past and have a strong vision toward the future yet are very much in the present doing the work that needs to be done for the good of the many, not an exclusive few.

The answers are there if we choose to find them.

I want an American for President. This person does not need to have all of the answers but this person needs to be willing to find out what the answers are and go after them. This President needs to do all that is necessary so that the fewest people go to bed at night hungry, scared, worried because of circumstances that are far beyond our control. We need to create a society that says you are not alone in this. Working together to reach the optimum potential of humankind.

An American sees the obstacles, rises to the challenges, and has the political will to be honest about the solutions. Putting together a strong team that will come up with viable solutions and communicate those solutions to the citizens of this nation in ways they can understand and engage in. An American is what makes our nation the best in the world. Americans are bold, innovative, we adapt and we overcome. Americans meet the challenge that life throws at us, we do not cower or deny that the challenges are happening.

Americans see the vision and want the world to be a fair place.

Many Americans see the power dynamics of the world changing and see what needs to be done. There are tens of thousands, perhaps millions, in line with this vision that knows that humans are capable of developing the answers to live modern lives that are not at the expense of the ecosystems that we share with the rest of the world. Americans who refuse to be in a state of perpetual war creating pain for others. Americans who want to live in a world that feels fair and in balance. We know that the American’ts tell us this is not possible. However, something inside us burns, letting us know that this is possible, all we have to do is go through the steps to bring things back into balance.

The next leader of the free world needs to be an American not an American’t. I look forward to see what happens on Election Day next Fall.

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