Welcome to indy mod p.o.v. the mission of this blog is to unleash into the blogosphere the often muted voice of the moderate independent voter. Those who reside in the middle, leaning fiscally conservative and socially liberal. We are the middle of the road folks who want to make a fair wage for work done, we demand a great education for our children, and a safe nurturing inclusive neighborhood to raise healthy, happy kids. Sounds simple.  Indy mods are reasonable, down- to- earth, hard working people. You find us at Little League games and sporting events. You may see us at book club and community gatherings. We have a voice and because it is not as extreme as those far left and right of us our views don’t get much play on the 24 hour cable news cycle.

In this political moment with Election Day 2016 quickly approaching, there are many serious and important discussions to have while America is at the crossroads deciding its future. It is a sincere hope that many will comment and join in the conversation to create a strong Independent political movement to get our country working for more of its people again.  Although the primary focus of this blog is American politics, all are welcome to bring together a global community of independent moderate thinkers for a more peaceful and mutually beneficial global experience. Please join me.

Make a comment. Let your point of view be heard.

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